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Occupational & Industrial Hygiene

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Occupational health is a critical part of a productive and safe workplace. Complying with occupational health and safety regulations is not just about providing safety shoes, helmets or protecting suit. Your workplace could be a source of risk through exposure to gases and radiation, as well hazards relating to temperature, chemicals, noise, light, air, vapors, hazardous materials and biological contaminant. All this exposure can result in serious health problem to the employees.

Our qualified team of certified industrial hygienists and occupational health competent persons have extensive experience detecting hazards, monitoring exposures, evaluating risks, and formulating measures to correct problems. The services including:

  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
  • Chemical Exposure Monitoring
  • Long Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Inspection & Testing
  • Noise Exposure Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Safety and Health Consolation / Training
  • Occupational Audiometric Testing