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Air Monitoring / Testing

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Monitoring of air and flue gas is essential to maintain the quality of living. Environmental issues are a leading concern in public opinion all over the world and this has resulted in increasingly strict regulations in air emission measurement and monitoring. Air pollution can cause a serious effect on human health and it would lead to negative impacts on the environment. It will post a direct effect of pollutants on vegetation, and indirectly through effects on the acid and nutrient status of soils and waters.

It is important that all the manufacturers or companies have accuracy, reliability and available air emission information in order to improve engineering equipment performance and subsequently reduce environmental impact.

Thus, Eurofins Malaysia provides a broad range of air pollutant analysis and monitoring services including:

  • Chimney / Stack Gas Emission Sampling & Monitoring (Iso-Kinetic & Non-IsoKinetic)
  • Ambient Air Monitoring. 

We use a very large selection of methods, under local and international approved quality systems and the relevant accreditation and approvals.

  • Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 1978
  • Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 2014