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Food Analysis Test

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Eating is purposeful. We eat to grow, to sustain healthy lives, to relief discomfort, to treat illnesses, and most wonderfully, through having food that we love, eating gives us pleasure. However, do you know what you are eating? Are the food, beverages and drugs that you and your family taking in healthy and safe? If you are food seller or food manufacturer, are your products healthy, clean, and well-preserved?

The Food Act 1983 and the Food Regulations 1985 of Malaysia govern the various aspects of food safety and quality control including food standards, food hygiene, food import and export, food advertisement and accreditation of laboratories. The enforcement of Food Act 1983 and the Food Regulations 1985 is targeted towards reducing food-born hazard and ensuring food is safe for human consumption. As for the drugs and cosmetics, NPCB (National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, also known as BPFK) is the organization that regulates and controls the safety of these products in Malaysia. Besides, NPCB is actively educating the consumers regarding drugs and pharmaceutical products safety. 

Currently Eurofins Malaysia serves food manufacturers of various scales as well as doubtful and curious consumers. Our well-trained team and laboratory setup ensures proper handling, preservation (if required) and storage of your samples to avoid degradation and cross-contamination. Due to the complexity of food sample matrices, food analyses are performed by food chemist and microbiologist for they have detailed understanding of the samples nature and thus able to obtain accurate results of your samples whether they are fresh/raw, cooked, processed, canned or preserved.

Routinely we received food and drugs samples which are inclusive of solid food, semisolid food, beverages and drinks, food supplements, traditional herbs, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products etc. Some of the commonly tested parameters are nutrition facts, heavy metals, preservatives, colourings, vitamins, antibiotics, fat, tests for the fulfilment of halal requirements, banned substances (melamine, saccharin, cyclamate etc), GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), microbiological testing etc.

Eurofins Malaysia is an authorized commercial laboratory by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) for food testing and the issuance of health certificates. Building upon years of experience in food testing, our food consultants are able to advise you on analyses needed in accordance with most updated local requirements. In the case of food for export which overseas requirements are to be fulfilled, in the presence of respective documents from the country of interest (written in languages understandable by our team), our consultants are prepared to walk the extra miles to provide assistance and technical advices to you and your organization.