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Microbiological Test

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Bacteria are ubiquitous and they exist everywhere. Among them, the pathogens (health hazardous bacteria) are particularly of our prime concern because they are hazardous to the health of human being and they can be present in various important industries; namely food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical, hospital, manufacturing, import & export, water, packaging etc. Even groceries can be infected. Once contaminated by pathogens, humans are exposed to infections, toxins and subsequently death will ensue if untreated. So, why wait ? Prevention is better than cure and early detection is available !

Microbiological testing are a crucial requirement across many industries worldwide where products, processes and human health are at risk of being negatively affected by the presence and breeding of micro-organisms such as specific pathogens, bacteria, yeast and moulds.

Eurofins Malaysia provides microbiological on-site sampling and testing services which experience in handling a wide range of samples. The microbiological testing portfolio includes analytical services to detect pathogenic microbes and their toxins (such as Salmonellae, Listeriae, Legionella) or organisms causing decay (such as yeasts, fungi or moulds), to provide hygiene checks (e.g. site inspections but also sterility tests in packaging materials, measurement of airborne microbes) with the aim of making foods and other products such as cosmetics safer for our clients, meeting statutory requirements and protecting the consumer.  Eurofins Malaysia offer analytical testing for a large number of matrices on the following matrices: 

  • Food & beverage product
  • Food additives and supplements
  • Water & drinking water
  • Animal feed
  • Cosmetics & toiletries product
  • Air samples
  • Medicines & pharmaceutical product
  • Packaging materials / food contact materials


Eurofins Malaysia is well in armed with competent microbiologists and consultants with years of experience. Thus, our team will be able to provide the microbiological examination based on the matrices at question which tests/methods can be used reliably and suits the requirement of your industry.