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Control Hazardous Analysis Test

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As the knowledge of chemical substances grew over the past few decades, more chemical substances used in the production of industrial and commercial products and manufacturing byproducts have been identified to be toxic, carcinogenic, environment polluting and potentially causing health hazard to the consumers. In order to minimize and ultimately to eliminate the risks and the impact to the environment and the human race, legislative requirements were adopted and enforced particularly by the EU (European Union) and United States of America to control and ultimately to replace the hazardous or potentially hazardous substances identified. Besides, some manufacturing companies which are aware of the necessity to control hazardous substances have also implemented more stringent in-house specifications and occasionally additional in-house testing methods for better control.

Eurofins Malaysia is one of the market leader in consulting and gap analysis of global restricted substance requirements for a wide range of industries. Eurofins Malaysia’s industry experts provide guidance in regulatory, compliance, supply chain, and technical requirements for a wide range of substance restrictions that include:

  • European Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH)
  • Restricted Heavy Metals

other emerging global requirements. 


As a testing institution authorized by CPSC and MDTCC (Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperation and Consumerism, a.k.a. KPDNKK), Eurofins Malaysia is all out to serve our customers in this very dynamic field of testing. Our consultants are alert of the latest regulation enforced for controlled substances and they are able to provide technical advice on the analysis involved as well as the regulatory requirements.