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Food Packaging Analysis Test

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An increasing amount of food is sold in packaging material. The packaging has to fulfil more and more requirements. Firstly, packaging shall sell, and carry all necessary information about the product, the ingredients and guidance on storage and preparation of food. Packaging shall be stable and fit for its purpose. It shall protect against microbial deterioration, and it shall be safe.

Materials and articles that come into contact with food are object of serious public concern. They must fulfil severe requirements on physical and chemical safety. This regards packaging, but also bottles, foils, tin cans, papers and its caps, dinnerware, cutlery etc. made of whatever material.

The migration analysis test is frequently required to demonstrate compliance of a food contact material with the applicable legislation. Commission Regulation EU 10/2011 had clear prescribed the rule of migration test for plastic food contact materials while ceramics and regenerated cellulose are covered by specific European regulation. The rule of migration analysis test for other materials, such as paper & board, metals, rubbers, coating and printing inks has been established in national regulations or industry guidelines. The services provided include:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Migration Analysis
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Consultation

Eurofins Malaysia has all expertise and techniques to investigate the raw materials as well as finished goods of the packaging materials to perform migration analysis test which in conformity with relevant European Directives and ISO or EN Standards. Lastly, Eurofins Malaysia does offer the consultation based on the specific product and application for fulfilling all legal requirements and any additional purchase specification.