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Latex & Rubber Analysis Test

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Natural rubber has tremendous commercial applications and it is with economic and technological importance. Its characteristics of waterproof, high strength, flexibility and elasticity offers many unique characteristics not found in other raw materials like petroleum base products. Today, natural rubber is an important material in many key industries worldwide such as automotive, electrical, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical industries etc.

To ensure the quality of dried natural rubber meets its required specifications, Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) has regulated the testing of dried natural rubber before being certified as SMR (Standard Malaysian Rubber). This certification has to be conducted prior to import and export activities. SMR certification is to be conducted by laboratories under MRB or authorized independent laboratories nationwide and, Eurofins North Malaya Laboratory is one of them.

Under requirement by MRB, the parameters to be tested for SMR certification are dirt, volatile matter, ash, nitrogen, rapid plasticity and plasticity retention index, mooney viscosity and rheometric cure test. Besides these basic tests required for SMR certification, Eurofins North Malaya Laboratory is also performing other general studies for SMR (density determination, bale packing bag materials identification, vulcanization studies and foreign substance identification and etc), specification testing for TSR (Technically Specified Rubber) and specification testing for rubber latex.

Range of Rubber / Latex Testing Parameters included:

  • Dirt
  • Volatile Matter
  • Ash
  • Nitrogen
  • Plasticity Retention Index
  • Mooney Viscosity
  • Colour
  • Rheometric Cure Test
  • Mooney Accelerated Storage Hardening Test (MASHT)
  • Wallace Accelerated Storage Hardening Test (WASHT)
  • Acetone Extract
  • Gel
  • Viscosity
  • Rapid Plasticity


From serving the rubber industry in rubber testing for the past 30 odd years, Eurofins North Malaya Laboratory has learned the legislative and specification requirements imposed by the regulatory bodies; and we feel privileged for being able to play a part in the import-export of one of the major commodities of Malaysia. Whether you are a newcomer or an existing player in rubber industry, our expertise and experiences will be of use to you.