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Toiletries & Pharmaceutical Product Analysis Test

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When coming to the testing of toiletries and pharmaceutical finished products, intermediates and raw materials manufacturer cannot afford any mistake. Thus, the manufacturers of toiletries and pharmaceutical products is essential to ensure the products are safe and high quality for consumers.

Eurofins Malaysia is an analysis testing service company with a global laboratory network well equipped to offer the customers specialist expertise, support and services in the analysis of products, raw materials and consumer substrates.

Range of Product Safety Testing Services includes:

  • Chemistry / Contaminants and controlled substance analysis
  • Toxic / heavy metals testing and analysis
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Failure analysis


Eurofins Malaysia work with a wide range of customers, from some of the largest pharmaceutical business, to smaller well established and new emerging companies all producing pharmaceutical, ingredients and products. Our specialized labs can respond to your specific needs and constraints, helping customers in their process from their raw ingredients right through to finished product and its packaging.