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Toy Safety Compliance Analysis Test

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Toy quality and safety are the main concern for a parent or consumer during the purchase of toy to their lovely child. Therefore, the toy safety compliance with relevant regulations and quality standards, such as US Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA) and EU Toy Directive is important to ensure the toys free from harmful chemical substances, heavy metals, fragrances or design flaw that could cause injury.

Each of the countries, such as United States, Australia, China, Canada, Japan and Europe has their own regulations and standards that are intended to ensure toy safety. Toy manufacturers must ensure that their toy products comply with the relevant standards before their goods able to sell worldwide. Eurofins Malaysia has an extensive global network of laboratories and technical experts to assist you in the development and manufacture of safe toys. 

Eurofins Malaysia provides manufacturers, retailers and importers with comprehensive customized Quality Assurance Solution to ensure all ranges of toys are safe for the consumers.